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i just got another one of those "Obama is out to destroy America" forwards today from my mom claiming that Obama canceled the "national day of prayer".

my response:
"why do you forward these things without checking them? why spread slander like this? why do you even care about prayer?!?!"

do you think i sound frustrated yet?

then i sent her a link to several fact-check sites
and the link to snopes about her e-mail which included reference to the April 2010 federal judge ruling that the national day of prayer was unconstitutional (because it is) and Obama arguing to keep it as a national practice since it just honors the presence religion has had in our nation (or something like that)

i still don't understand why my mom cares about prayer
what the hell does it really matter?!?!
America NEEDS a national day of prayer - because there's only one day Christians need to pray on and without an official day to represent it they will forget and fall out of good graces with the Almighty.

i did get criticized by someone once that I probably didn't defend the republicans as much as I defend these democrats. And that's probably true. Not because I believed them or really had it out against the republicans (granted most of the party truly gets on my bad side). I just didn't care what people said about that party. I also didn't really get any of THOSE e-mails. I mean, my family is mostly conservative republican to begin with. Why on EARTH would they send me slander about their OWN party!??!
It's purely a case of sampling error. I don't have samples, therefore I couldn't defend them. I'm innocent!

blah I say.
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