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i gave notice at starbucks this week........
it's a little sureal really.
after thanksgiving i'll only work sundays, except for christmas eve, and then i'll be gone by the end of the year.

i'm going to have weekends for the first time in 4.5 years. what am i going to do with myself?
(besides homework)
though homework is important.
i've been putting off this paper i have to write before the holidays and i need to get it done.
at least i think i finally found a topic to write about, you know?

wish me luck on everything, ok?
things are going to get a little rocky now.
change and growth, and probably some depression to join in.
i've got to find my balance, and i've got to find myself.

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omg - sooo tired!!
sunday's are interesting at the store right now. We've only got 8 people on our staff so we have to borrow a lot of partners from other stores. My opening shift was a cool girl I've worked with before so I wasn't too worried about that. We had a minor issue the night before because our new SM didn't give her a key to get into the store (or anything else she would need), or tell any of our shifts how to help the borrowed shifts out with closing/opening the store (safe keys, door keys, alarm codes, etc) - which is an entirely different story I'm still working on. But we thought we got it worked out and my saturday closer gave the opener her store key (even though she's not suppose to) and told her how to get in.
then I show up Sunday morning to start my 8:00 am shift and see the openers standing outside the store... ?huh?
the opening shift lost power saturday night and didn't wake up - so she got to the store at 7:50 or so. Then the key that she was given the night before wasn't actually the store key :crap:. We called the closer from the night before and 15 minutes later she was there to open the store and found out she gave us the wrong key to open with. (oops)
there were minor pasty disasters because our truck left the breakfast sandwiches out all night and we had to throw them away, plus our 7 am help didn't show up which meant we were under-staffed for the entire morning rush, but we survived.

and then, three street kids came in around 2 pm. They looked like the kids who just want water and want to use the bathroom. We don't pay them much mind but it was slow enough at that point that I saw one standing by the door watching his friend. He was holding the door open as though they were about to leave. Next thing I know a customer is chasing after one of them shouting and trying to stop him as the kids dash out of the store and up the street.
[as a primer for this it should be noted that around 2pm the day before a lady's laptop was stolen off of the table she was sitting at while she was in the bathroom. This was the same table this new lady was sitting at on Sunday].
and i dashed out the door after them. I followed the kid who stole the lady's wallet about three blocks before he started walking like everything was fine. then he turned around - looked at me - and started running again. I chased him a bit more, but then went back to the store. A few people asked me what was going on as I walked back because they saw me running and I told them about the theft. the lady called the cops, and the police arrived a few minutes after I got back.
Then we got a call from a random person on the street who saw me chasing the guy - telling us that they saw him a few blocks further from where I quit following him (he's a physically identifiable fellow - skinny, black kid, medium complexion, died red hair, wearing a red shirt, and grey pants, carrying a blue-grey bag. His face isn't overly striking and would be classified as "rather non-descript", but the hair...). We told the cop who was in our store, who let dispatch know, and then they want to know if I can ID him since they have someone in custody. I get a fun ride in the cop car (not my favorite place to be), and then they have this kid standing on a street corner - the actual same kid I'd been chasing for 2 minutes.
So kid gets arrested, the lady doesn't get her wallet back because he didn't have it on him any more, but she looked happy that we all tried to help her. and i about near pass-out from running since I haven't move that fast in about 2 years (no working out while in grad school).

to this - i passed out around 7pm and didn't really wake up until it was work time at 6:30 am.

and now my body hurts. really, really hurts.
(and the official store record is not that I chased this kid through the streets, but that I followed him so I could see what he looked like. He turned around to see if he was being followed and I got a good look at him. No sense giving the new SM a reason to write me up - she's very "by the book" and chasing thieves is against store policy)


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