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So, I've often used these journal hosts as a way to gain information. a place to learn from other people things i don't have time to learn on my own. It often works really well and I learn things much faster from the discussion my questions bring up.

Recently though the communities I read on livejournal have either peetered out or have become social cliques that require special language membership to be welcomed. It seems like the places I would go to for information aren't active, and the places that are active I'm afraid to ask for information. I wonder if dreamwidth will be better for this or if the same people that make communities on livejournal un-hospitable are here as well.
my inclination is probably. people don't change that much between each other and there is much talk that on-line communities are swinging in a cliquish direction in general.

This makes me sad. with my girl starting harmones soon, we'll be looking to see how it affects her skin, hair, boobs, other body parts, and what the surgery is going to be like, who's a good doctor to go to these days, how much will it all cost, how will we finance it, how long will she be in bed or on light duty....
i feel like i don't really have a good place to go to find these things out. I'd love to have people who have gone through what my girl is going to go through - just to talk to about what to expect and get an idea of possible feelings/reactions people have when they go through these things so I know how much I should adjust my expectations of her in our relationship. but i don't feel welcome in those communities because i'm not a member, i just date one.

do you think communities here are more active, nicer, more altuistic and welcome-oriented or will I run into simmilar issues that force me to deal with emotional activists?

partner of trans people, trans people, kink support/q&a, starbucks, cooking, web comics, humor.
these are things I'd like to find communities around.


Feb. 27th, 2010 01:49 am
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wow. :)
I finally got a dreamwidth account. After months of stalking the pages and poking into the public sectors and wondering what i might find, I finally get the chance to explore.

This may likely become my new journal. I've just got a ton of things over at LJ that I don't really want to loose. Then again, I could also combine the myspace journal I've got and put it here. we'll see, we'll see...

peace out - i'm just waiting for the girl to get off work so we can go to bed. Friday nights are always good.


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