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2010-10-27 09:08 pm
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being gay

group tonight was about building the support i will need to develop self- acceptance.
my therapist said that i seem to want to tackle the very large problem of my family not accepting who i am.
but that i need to start smaller by accepting that i am living in dc and dc is one of the most liberal cities in the world, and that my generation, and generations after me are more liberal and more accepting of gay people than my grandparents generation and my mother's generation.
michelle said that the group last week gave her a lot because she had a breakthrough that the world isn't going to change for us, but i can change how i interact with the world.
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and so i'm thinking about making other plans for christmas.
maggie said she would be here for christmas so i could spend it with her.
maggie also said i need to stop living my life in fear.
i think that can happen slowly, bit by bit, if i start reaching out to people, and letting them see me, and letting them know that i am gay so that they can accept me and want to meet my girlfriend. and then i would be able to share my girlfriend with my world and i would not be alone with my guilt and my shame and my embarassment about being gay.
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2010-07-27 05:21 pm
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family rantings

i just got another one of those "Obama is out to destroy America" forwards today from my mom claiming that Obama canceled the "national day of prayer".

my response:
"why do you forward these things without checking them? why spread slander like this? why do you even care about prayer?!?!"

do you think i sound frustrated yet?

then i sent her a link to several fact-check sites
and the link to snopes about her e-mail which included reference to the April 2010 federal judge ruling that the national day of prayer was unconstitutional (because it is) and Obama arguing to keep it as a national practice since it just honors the presence religion has had in our nation (or something like that)

i still don't understand why my mom cares about prayer
what the hell does it really matter?!?!
America NEEDS a national day of prayer - because there's only one day Christians need to pray on and without an official day to represent it they will forget and fall out of good graces with the Almighty.

i did get criticized by someone once that I probably didn't defend the republicans as much as I defend these democrats. And that's probably true. Not because I believed them or really had it out against the republicans (granted most of the party truly gets on my bad side). I just didn't care what people said about that party. I also didn't really get any of THOSE e-mails. I mean, my family is mostly conservative republican to begin with. Why on EARTH would they send me slander about their OWN party!??!
It's purely a case of sampling error. I don't have samples, therefore I couldn't defend them. I'm innocent!

blah I say.