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The Edges of Normal

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Birthdate:May 31
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
I'm a person and so far the doctor's say I'm human.
I've got two cats, two jobs, and two automobiles. :)
i dabble in trans topics, gay/lesbian topics, economics, politics, random facts, psychology, religion, and a lot of other things you aren't suppose to bring up in polite conversation.
sometimes i write poetry/prose.
i tend to rant about my life or stupid things that happen in the world when i have free time to do so, but I try to make it interesting :D

this of course has all be subjugated to a nasty, painful breakup that i have been processing, or trying to process, for quite a while now. life drama means i get to write about what hurts more than about the rest of the world.
real life does periodically still show up and i believe it will take precedence again one day - but right now... personal drama and re-hashing already hashed topics from the breakup to try and find actual peace with them. think of each entry as my point in time - it makes it easier for me to be ok with re-visiting things i thought were done being visited.
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