Sep. 19th, 2011

suspend DC

Sep. 19th, 2011 11:07 am
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hook suspensions. lots and lots of hook suspensions.
and this tiny little girl pulling a 400 lb. man out of his chair by the hooks in her back.
ho-ly F*#CK.
"i did it for him", "i did it for me", "i did it for god".
every red color i see today reminds me of the blood.
one thinks i shouldn't always be as much of a smart-ass as I can be, but it just comes out sometimes!

i was taking shots of these two girls doing an energy-pull (power-pull is more like it for them). they wanted something personal to remember the experience and asked me to be their photographer. and they were wearing the arm bands marking them as "no pictures w/o my permission". so i felt, and still feel, uber special for being, like, the only person in the room allowed to take pictures of them (go me!).
and during part of the shoot, this guy walks up to me and says, "excuse me miss. white arm bands?" and points to the two girls.
and i look at him and say "yes. i know." and then smile. and that's all i say.
and he looks confused. taken off guard. and well - shocked.
and this made me smile - because i enjoy being un-informative to people; it's a rush.
and then i start to explain that they asked me to take their pictures. and one of the girls, bless her, looks over and says "she's ok. we asked her to do this."
so guy has to walk away.
goes and gets Man In Charge (who's wonderful, did an amazing job, and is an all around wonderfully communicative person to work with). and starts worrying because I'm taking their picture and that means other photographers are also taking their picture because they think it's ok. No big deal - photos are screened before release anyway. Man In Charge briefly explains to me the rough outline I now have of what's happening and asks me to tell other photographers they can't take shots if I see them do it. and i told him I did (because I did when one of the other photographers came up to shoot next to me - awkward, but not unpleasant.) he's good and walks off to deal with Mr. Worry Pants. all in all, I'm sure I could have done that better, but - you know?!?! it just comes out sometimes.
i can't get the smell of blood out of my nose.
intense. transformative. powerful.
that was beautiful.

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