May. 4th, 2011

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the phone is ringing and i hear your voice on the other line
the rich, expressive tones of your hello
wake-up! wake-up! it's all a dream anyhow.
no reason to dream of you tonight.
no reason to whisper into the night.

what would i say if i could call you up right now?
what words come after goodbye?
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i. am going to PDF. :)
with a group of new people who seem pretty darn awesome!
at which i will be turning 30.
and shaving my head. :)

i have been invited to the steampunk worlds faire which I may be able to attend as soon as I verify the dates (may 20 - 22) and my actual calendar of events to do, and whether i have $50 to spare after buying the necessary camping things for PDF.

i have officially broken in my fire staff and am working up the courage to move outside of my little 3 foot diameter box so that I can potentially engage and audience and, you know, perform. :D (yes, i'm mixing shapes here - deal)
eventually I hope for it to fee less like "playing with fire" and more like, "look at these cool things i've learned". but baby steps are ok when, you know,

i am going to a psychadelic, punk-esk circus event with a moonwalk, cotton candy, fire spinner, jugglers, and other fun things to watch. yay!

i've finally learned how to style my hair in a mo-hawk and this will likely last for maybe another week before my hair gets too long to listen to the gel.

i am changing. i am growing. and damn-it i'm learning how to have fun!
(so THERE world!)

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