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i've lived many lables
and learned many things
i've seen the workings of the world
in little boxes, and compact words
and i've learned to leave them behind.
i've walked in many shoes
and i've seen many things
and the labels never fit
and the boxes were too square
my oblong, polygonal design
never made it in completely
and i was cut to pieces to fit compactly.

and now i am a southern belle
who curses like a sailor
and believes there is one god
among all the others who rule
i am a conservative hippy
who believes in free love
and free will
and abstinence before marriage.
i am an ex-grungy goth
who always preferred life sober
and can tell tales of wild trips
without ever traveling them myself

i am a woman who wants a family
and a house, and a supportive spouse -
someone who can help pay the bills,
and doesn't want kids,
and is an independent woman in her own right.
i am a leather domme,
who is probably a switch,
who is afraid to give
the same trust i am given.
i am a gay, dyke, lesbian, faggot
who swings between high posh fashion
and country, flannel with an undershirt

and though my life still has many turns
and many lables yet to live
i've yet to find a single label
that fits the way you think it should.
i've learned many things;
i've been called many names,
and i've been treated many ways
all by the label you decide to use that day
but at the end, for myself,
the only thing i can say
is that my label often says
"wash with like colors,
tumble dry low"
with the occasional "dry clean only"
to keep me on my toes.

i can put on a face,
put on a name
go to a place
and play a good game

and at the end of the day
when i've teased you to your rope
i'll turn around
and walk away
because the tease is what i was in for.
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a question to help determine if you are asexual:

"Are you making choices to not act upon urges or do you lack them entirely?"

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